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Heritage Makers is changing my life!!!

Heritage Makers Christmas Party @ Sabrina’s December 21, 2007

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What a great evening!!! There were so many beautiful books that were shared among the consultants. Now, I have even more projects to start!!

Barbara and Neville shared some exciting news with us about what is going on with Heritage Makers. We have an up coming training session with Wendy McGee in February. That is going to be awesome!!! I so love her energy and excitement about Heritage Makers. This will be a great year to be involved with Heritage Makers.


1st Posting December 20, 2007

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I am a rookie at this. I am a Heritage Makers independent consultant, who has heard I need to start a blog. So, I am. This will be under construction for the next couple of weeks as I learn what I need to be putting on this blog. So, This was my first posting.