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Bring Grandma to tears February 25, 2008

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I stopped by to drop off a book bag to my husband’s grandmother house today. I only give them to my new Heritage Makers consultants to show off their books when they create them. She isn’t a consultant yet, but I am working on her. She is leaving to visit the Holy Land for 10 days and want a book bag to carry her journal and bible in. As I was there, we chatted about several different things and we both came to tears about the book bag. I am planning on writing her life story when she returns. She is so excited to go, yet very nervous.


This is Me!!! I am a Heritage Maker Consultant, on my way to being a Director!


Hi, This is me!! I am starting this blog about my journey with Heritage Makers as a consultant. Heritage Makers is a Home Based Business. It is an great way to earn extra income, create wonderful heirlooms, and meet new friends.

This past weekend, I worked a booth the “Showdown in the Desert” Cheer Competition in Phoenix, Arizona. It was very enlightening. I had several women interested in creating keepsakes from the Competition and their children’s year in competing.

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Hello world!

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