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Heritage Makers is changing my life!!!

Reunion was Blast!! October 7, 2008

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Well, I think I am recovered from our national convention!!  It was at Disneyland, and next year it will be in VEGAS!!!  “What happens in Vegas”, you know the rest. 

I did it!!! I walked across the stage and was acknowledge for achieving director status.  It has not been easy!  Working a full-time job, being a mother of 2 boys and maintaining a household, however, I will say it has been fun!!  This business is what I was born to do!!  I truely believe the Lord has been preparing me all of my life for this business opportunity.  At first, I didn’t want to take on the task of “1 more thing”.  BUT, when I receive my projects for myself, or even better, as gifts for someone else, I feel FABULOUS!! It is a paycheck of the heart and $$$.  I am making money, earning trips and feeling great and appreicated, all by this company.  I have my BFF, Michelle, to thank!

If this is something you would like to do, contact me!!


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