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Heritage Makers is changing my life!!!

Heritage Makers are being featured AGAIN!!! March 22, 2009

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It seems Heritage Makers is getting a lot of attention these days.  From Oprah’s “All-time Favorite Gifts” in December, 2008, to March’s “Celebrating Women’s” magazine, now the Direct Selling News. 

I, personally know how wonderful this company is, with it’s wonderful lines of products.  I have seen when someone receives their projects.

Just last night, My friend, (also, now a consultant) called me and said, “Guess what arrived today?  My nephew’s poster!!  It is Awesome!!  Can I bring it over right now to show you?”.   It happened we were leaving for my son’s basketball game, so I said I would run by afterwards.  My whole family went to her house to see it.  She was correct, it was AWESOME!! 

This is just one of several stories I could tell.  Our products have such impact on people, and we create them. 

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing, please contact me,