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A very long day…. October 21, 2009

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Today was a day I hope not to have many more soon.  I attended a memorial service for a friend I have worked with for over 11 years.  ast Thursday, her husband woke up to find she had pass during the night.  She was only 47 years old, She left behind a son, 27 years old and 5 1/2 grandchildren, (the one is due in about 4 months). 

The funeral hall was packed with friends and family from all over.  Old friends were there from High School, current friends were there from work and other connections.  It was a very hard service.  As I was sitting there thinking how much I knew of her and her life.  It was difficult to comprehend to reality of it.  All I could think about is:  all of the stories that now won’t be told, a library is gone, with no hope of getting any of them back.  She had  a very interesting life, yet in the end, I believe she was the happiest she had ever been, with being married to her best friend.  I still don’t think her husband really understand, she is gone.  She will not answer the phone when he can’t find something.  LOL!!  One of the best parts was seeing her husband’s ex-wife stand and speak of her as a best friend.  That is a true example of forgiveness and moving on, being happy for someone, when you know it didn’t work with you.  Hopefully, that makes sense.  I was truly amazing.  

Her grandchildren sat there, all under the age of 7, not  realizing Grandma is gone forever.  A couple of them wrote simply, yet loving, letters to her, telling her to have a fun time in Heaven.  It was PRECIOUS!!!  I know, if she could, she would write each one of them a book for them, expressing her love to them, telling each of them how much and how unique they were.

In the reality of today, I realize that I need to compile the things I love about my boys into a book for them to cherish for years to come.  The things I love about them today, will change in future, however, they need to know at every stage of their life, they are and were loved. 

I am currently working with a client helping him compile and write a story of my parents that meet during the WWII and span across to continents.  It is a masterpiece!!  It brings such joy to help people get their stories and photos together in a book.   

If you know of anyone who would like to do a book, telling them how much they are loved, I would be glad to help  you.


A Night with the Girls!! October 20, 2009

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WoW, what a Fabulous FUN night!!  I met 3 of my friends at the Dodge theatre in Phoenix, Arizona for the opening night of “Grease” with Taylor Hicks making an appearance.  The memories the show brought back, the emotions, the REAL (?) life experiences. LOL!    Our group knew every word to every song and the hand motions for the Fun Songs.  However, the rest of the crowd was very silent and BORING!!!  As we started whispering the words, and doing any type of motion with our hands, PEOPLE STARED.  For such a FUN, Entertaining show, the crowd just didn’t get into it.  Oh well, We did and had a blast!!  Thanks to my BFF, Bobbie, for scoring the tickets.




Make over for “Hockey Moms”!! October 19, 2009

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What a great way to start a week!! I was asked if I would like to have a Makeover, of course, my friend lead the conversations with “Not that you need one, BUT….” Don’t you just love FRIENDS!!  LOL!!!

I am so glad I did. I had so much fun tonight on Channel 3 in Arizona. 3 hockey moms, (by the way, I knew both of them, my boys played with their boys at one time or another. What a small world!!) showed up this morning ready for whatever they were going to do.  My hair can be done in about 5 minutes, Plus I got make up tips for “All-Day” make-up. 

Rolf, himself, cut my hair!! I was so nervous, yet excited. I have never had anyone “Famous” do my hair or makeover. Check out the segment of the show.

Makeover with Rolf!!!

Makeover with Rolf!!!


What a Weekend!! October 6, 2009

This past Friday and Saturday, I was at the Creating Keepsake Convention in Glendale, Arizona.  Remember, I am not into traditional scrap booking anymore, I am digital, so to go there and see all of the STUFF, was mind blowing.  I am a visual person, so I  decided to mentally find over 40,000 pieces of embellishments (which I have access to with my book business) and try to compare it to a laptop bag.  OMG!!!  I have a SUV and I still don’t think it all would have fit.  I am trying to simplify my life, and I am positive, I have one way of doing it.

In talking with the ladies there, they did admit, Digital does have it place among keeping memories, however, our Home Decor, is what grabbed them.  The picture blocks for the childrens’ room, and Name sign to hang in your house, or even a clock which your childs name and picture in it, is something to create and call it your own. 


I am willing to teach anyone how to create these projects, they are such lovely gifts!!!