Kims Book Shelf Journey

Heritage Makers is changing my life!!!

About February 25, 2008

Hi, My name is Kim Yancy and I am a Heritage Maker. 

I became a Heritage Maker consultant because my hubby saw the books, and told me I had to do it.  This is how it started, My friend Michelle and I use to traditional scrapbook together many years ago, however with sports and school we didn’t have time to get together anymore.  She came across a company that allowed us to digital Scrapbook.  She called me at 9:00pm one night to tell me she was on the way over to show me something FABULOUS and would change my life!!  As she begin to tell me, my hubby started asking tons of questions. 

See, there is always more to the story.  About 8 years ago, my in-laws gave us our very first Digital Camera.  It was the size of a brick, and only 2.1 megs.  (boy, have times changed).  As my hubby was downloading the pictures and printing them, so I could go and traditional scrapbook, while I was packing up my 2 extra large containers which are on wheels, with tons of ribbons, buttons, stickers, thingys and papers in them,  he turned to me and said very sarcasticly  “You know,  this is the way you will be scrap-booking in the future, on a computer!”   I so poo pooed the whole concept, Why would I give this up??  A night with my friends, chatting about the fabulous pictures I was preserving in these BIG, BULKY books.  They were definitely weren’t for anyone to look at or touch.  They were an investment not only in time but $$$$. 

Next thing I know, I was consultant, and I am very thankful for it, not only because now I can be ready to go scrap-booking in 2 minutes, I am saving lots of $$$ and time.  AND the best thing of all,I am earning tons of $$$ from the business opportunity.  Check out my website:  If you would like to learn more about what I do, please contact me at


One Response to “About”

  1. charlene schafer Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for sparking my interest last night at Noelene’s “workshop” I know I am going to love this new way of Journaling my family and our lives.

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