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Heritage Makers is changing my life!!!

Did you see it on Good Morning America?? July 12, 2009

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 Tory Johnson recommended our company as one of the direct sell company – “Passion Into Cash” on July 6th.
Join this growing creative storybooking company on my team & start making extra income this month. Check out! I LOVE what I DO!

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Every Busy Weekend!! April 5, 2009

Wow, can it really be Sunday night??  Friday night, the Digi-Crop was Fabulous.  Several people came to create a Fabulous Mother’s Day Gift for under $10.  They are got started and realized how simple the studio is.  In all, we had over 40 people attend. 

Today, Sunday, The rink was buzzing, with the new Family Focus Directory for the Northwest Valley, that is hitting news stands this week.  Check it out, It has listing for several activies and other very informational info.


Join me for a “Chic and Cheap” Mother’s Day Gifts Class April 2, 2009


Looking for a unique, Inexpensive Gift
We are offering a 2-session class where you will create either a 12×12 or 8×8 photo page, publish it, and mount it on a tile for a beautiful display! 

This class is all-inclusive!
Make a 12×12 Tile – $10.00
Make a 8×8 Tile – $8.00 with a stand
At the Digi-Crop
Friday, April 3rd,  any time between 5-9 pm
Return on May 1st to Mount unto the tile

What to bring:  Your laptop if you have one; 5-10 photos on CD, flashdrive, or on your computer; a friend or two!
**Please RSVP so we know how many tiles to purchase.





What I do. Why I do it. How I do it. February 7, 2009

I have 11 words that I tell my clients…What I do. Why I do it. How I do it. That’s my business in a nut shell. Some of you may think I’m nuts, being so passionate about my Heritage Makers business, and you may be a bit right. Who can say they absolutely LOVE their job? Not many….So…

WHAT I DO…I help people preserve their photos through storybooking. I help people solve their picture problem. I help people strengthen their home and family through story. That is What I Do.

WHY I DO IT…I am a Heritage Maker because our generation is the last generation who has real paper photos (pre-2000 and hand-me-downs from relatives). I will not hand down a memory stick, a hard drive, or a disc to my children. Everyone deserves to read the story behind the photos they take. They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words. Who’s writing your 1,000 words?

HOW I DO IT…I do it with our online publishing studio (MAC and PC friendly). I do it with over 35,000 pieces of digital artwork at my disposal. I do it with text boxes that have no word limit. I do it when my kids are sleeping or when my husband is giving them a bath. I make time. I do it by learning through other amazing consultants and my team.

I invite you to join me as a workshop host or consultant. But most importantly, as a client. Your picture problem will only get worse. You will never have a less busier time in your life than right now. This company has changed my life and it is my goal to change the lives of others.  Contact me at


WOO HOO!! I am Promoting to Director this Month April 16, 2008

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YES, it is true, I am promoting to director this month.  I have such an awesome team, Cheryl, Heather, Sue, both  Ginas, Kelly, and Belen.  Without them, I couldn’t have such a great downline which supports me.  The big test is this month, my team, all need to hold celebrations and sponsor someone, which I know they all can.  With the scanner adding to our services we can offer to people, there is so much business that is available to create HUGE income from our book business.  One fo the first things I hear from people is “Oh I have so many pictures that need to be scanned before I start”, well, now we can offer that service at a very inexpensive price, that everyone can write there stories.  If anyone is interested in working from home and helping others created their stories, please visit my website and click on “contact me”.

This month will be a HUGE!!!


Training in Vegas!!! April 6, 2008

Last month, in March, Gina (one of my new consultants) and I went to Las Vegas for a Training for Heritage Makers. It was AWESOME. We were asked to go to dinner with Sharon Murdoch. What a wonderful lady. She shared the vision of Heritage Makers with me and she was so interested in me.

Mary Hansen, which is a Gold director in Heritage Maker, along with her husband, Mark, lead the training. We several different topics, which included, sponsoring, Celebrations, how to book Celebrations, and several others. I learned a lot and took things from it to incorporate into my business.

All of this will help in my journey to director!!